The 5G-Free New Zealand campaign is not just another “protest”.

It is a gathering of deeply worried New Zealanders who have become knowledgeable about the terrible dangers of this technology and have vowed to stop it.

This campaign against 5G isn’t “anti science” as mainstream media and politicians would have you believe.

It has widespread support worldwide from doctors and other health professionals, and scientists – as well as thousands of caring New Zealanders. 

We have endeavoured to educate the NZ government on the potential health hazards of the types of radiation used in 5G in the hope that the government would support our call for a moratorium on 5G – and not allow the technology to be introduced here unless it has been comprehensively tested and found to be safe. (To date there have been no independent tests that would verify its safety.)

Unfortunately, the current NZ government has chosen to prioritise the financial interests of the telecommunications industry over the health and safety of people and the environment in New Zealand.  The government also appears to be determined to ignore the risks that 5G poses to bees, livestock, wildlife and trees and other plants.  

So what do we do?  How can we make them listen?

We boycott 5G

·       Refuse to buy a 5G capable mobile phone. 

·       Refuse the offer of a 5G mobile plan if you bought a new phone without realising that it was a 5G-capable phone.

·       Boycott the companies that want to inflict untested 5G technology on our communities.

Only three telecommunications companies in NZ plan to build 5G networks. 

They are:

·       2Degrees

·       Spark

·       Vodafone

If you do NOT want to see 5G in NZ, please do NOT pay any of your hard-earned money to these companies.*

There are many other telecommunications companies in NZ that offer internet and/or landline phone services, and if you need it, a mobile phone plan.

You can choose to spend your money with a company that does NOT plan to deploy 5G infrastructure in your area.

In fact, at the following link you can find a spreadsheet that lists a lot of different companies and their services to help you find one that fits your needs.

     *We appreciate that money is tight for many people and if you are a customer of Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees and your contract with your current provider includes unaffordable early termination fees, you may need to note the date that your contract expires and plan to switch companies once that contract has expired.

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