Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation that there could be a connection between 5G and COVID-19, the illness that can develop after exposure to the virus now known as SARS-CoV-2.

This speculation has arisen because the first recorded cases of the illness that is now known as COVID-19 were in Wuhan in China – a city in which 10,000 5G transmitters were planned to be activated by the end of 2019. (See: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-10/31/c_138517734.htm )

Milan, which is in the part of Italy where there have been a lot of deaths reported from people who had COVID-19 (many of these people had pre-existing medical problems that may have contributed to their deaths) is a place where Vodafone has been testing 5G.  Commercial 5G is also available in parts of Milan.

However, just because things occur at a similar time or in similar places does not necessarily mean that there is a link between them.

In terms of 5G because the technology has been rolled out without having been tested for possible health effects, at this point in time, there is no real way to know for sure whether or not 5G may be linked in some way to at least some cases of COVID-19.  (This video is a real eye-opener in relation to the lack of safety testing of 5G: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekNC0J3xx1w)

This being said, in New Zealand, based on the limited amount of information available to the public it looks extremely unlikely that 5G is implicated in COVID-19 cases. (As just one example, St Margaret’s Hospital and Rest Home in West Auckland, where a COVID-19 cluster has affected residents and staff, and some residents have died after being transferred to hospital, is NOT in a 5G coverage zone.)

Overseas, there have been COVID-19 cases and deaths in places where there has not yet been a commercial 5G roll out.

(One such example is Iran which has reportedly had a lot of COVID-19 related deaths,  Commercial 5G is reportedly not yet available in the country – although 5G testing did begin several years ago.  Iran reportedly has very extensive 4G coverage.)

Wireless radiation and the immune system

One reason for people’s concern that there may be some connection between 5G and COVID-19 cases is that some of the research on wireless radiation has shown that there may be detrimental effects on immune system function.

Scientist Dr. Magda Havas has recently posted on this topic at the following link https://magdahavas.com/corona-virus-and-5g-is-there-a-connection/ and points out that there is evidence that wireless radiation (such as the microwave radiation used in telecommunications systems) can adversely affect immune system function.

It makes sense to assist your immune system to protect you from the virus that causes COVID-19 (and many other viruses that may be circulating in our community) by following the Ministry’s of Health’s sensible advice about proper hand washing and social distancing when you have to go out of your home during the current lockdown.  A good diet, some sunshine for vitamin D and enough sleep and some exercise (but not excessive amounts of exercise) also help support your immune system.

It is sensible to use corded phones and hardwired internet connections whenever possible to reduce the stress on your body that might otherwise occur from chronic exposure to wireless radiation.

There is information about safer technology choices at this link: https://5g.org.nz/safer-technology/

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Want to boycott 5G?

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