The purpose of this page is to make available the PDFs of placards that can be used at protests and other events.

These are large files that are designed for professional printing on corflute to make eye-catching and durable signs.

There are also other placard options available for download at this link:

Communities Around the World Oppose 5G Placard

NB: if you are new to the 5G issue and would like to know why so people are opposed to the deployment of this technology where they live and work, please see this link for a few of the reasons:

Demand Safe Technology and Climate Crisis Placard

Many people are aware of the fact that there are health risks associated with wireless devices (such as a cell phones) and the infrastructure needed for cell phones etc. to function.

Many people do not yet realise that wireless data transfer is less energy inefficient than transferring data via hardwired systems or that the planned fleet of many thousands of satellites that some companies want to use for 5G would be likely to have adverse environmental impacts, which may include damage to the ozone layer and climate disruption.

The placards below are designed to bring these issues to the attention of the public and to encourage the boycott of 5G:

Safer Technology Options

The links below provide information about how you can have a safe hardwired phone and/or internet connection in New Zealand with the copper or fibre system.

Safe Phone Systems

Safe Phone Via the Copper Landline System

If you live in an area where you have access to the copper system you have the option of a safe corded phone connected to this system plus the reassurance that it is likely to continue to function even if your home loses power.

How to Enjoy a Safe Phone Via the Fibre System

If your home is now connected to fibre, you can have a safe, corded phone with the fibre system:

Don’t be Conned into Giving Up Your Safe Copper Landline for a Risky Wireless Home Phone System

If you are in an area where you will have ongoing access to the copper landline phone system, don’t be conned into giving up your copper landline for a wireless home phone system.

Please see this link for information on the new wireless “landline” phone systems that are being marketed and why they are not as good as keeping your phone connected to the copper landline system – or moving to fibre if you live in an area where the copper system is going to be phased out.

Don’t Put Up with Telcos that Refuse to Connect (or Reconnect) Your Home to the Copper Landline System

Don’t put up with telcos that refuse to connect (or reconnect) your home to the copper landline system. Please see this link for details as to why (as of January 2020) if you are in an area where the copper landline system is present you should be able to be connected to this system that provides you with an option for a safe corded phone that should continue to work even if your home or business loses power.

Safe Internet Systems

Safe Internet Via Copper

The copper landline system provides a good internet option for safe hardwired internet access for people in many parts of New Zealand:

Safe Internet Via Fibre

The fibre system provides a fast internet option that can provide safe hardwired internet access for people in many parts of New Zealand:

Don’t Put Up with Companies that Refuse to Connect Your Home to the Fibre System

If you currently live in an area where the copper landline system is going to be phased out, don’t put up with any company that refuses to connect your home to the fibre system and tries to pressure you to move to a fixed wireless system. Spark has indicated that it wants to move some of its customers from copper to fixed wireless:

Why to Avoid Fixed Wireless Internet Systems

NB: If you live in a part of NZ where you can get decent internet over fibre or copper, please DON’T use “fixed wireless” internet because these systems work through the 4G system and the more people who use them, the more cellular phone towers will be built:

Please Join the Boycott of 5G

5G has not been safety tested and there is no need for it in NZ.

If you do not want to see 5G small cells in your area and/or more and more 4G cellular phone towers in NZ (in part because the 4G system is being used as part of the 5G system) please join the boycott of the companies that are building 5G systems in NZ.

These companies that have stated that they want to introduce 5G are Spark, Vodafone 2Degrees.

There is information to help you find a suitable alternative telecommunications provider at the following link:

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