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Top 10 Reasons to Oppose 5G

1) Scientists have launched appeals against the adoption of 5G technology because of the lack of appropriate pre-market safety testing and likely adverse health effects. 

2) 5G uses microwave radiation and millimetre wave radiation. Microwave radiation was determined to be a possible carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) (Group 2B) in 2011 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

3) Exposure to microwave radiation from cellular phone infrastructure has been linked to increased cancer risk for nearby residents in some studies, such as this one.

4) Millimetre wave radiation has a very short wavelength, it vibrates very quickly and does not travel very far or easily through obstacles.  This means that “small cells” that emit millimetre waves could need to be placed around every 250 metres in urban areas.

5) There are reports from Europe of healthy street trees being cut down to facilitate the introduction of 5G.

6) The potential health effects of millimetre waves have not been well researched but what is known suggests that the eyes and skin are the most vulnerable to damage from this form of radiation.)

7) The use of millimetre waves is also a concern because millimetre waves (95 GigaHertz) have been developed into a “non-lethal” weapon by the US military.

8) The space-based 5G systems that companies like SpaceX want to develop would require thousands of additional satellites orbiting the earth at low altitude. The multiple rocket launches needed to create these fleets of satellites would be highly polluting and could cause ozone depletion.

9) A specific appeal against space-based 5G systems was launched because of the potential for this technology to cause environmental destruction as well as impact adversely on human health.

10) 5G is designed to facilitate the Internet of Things (IoT) which would further erode people’s rights to privacy.

Want to learn more about 5G in New Zealand?

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Want to boycott 5G?

You can find information about the boycott of 5G (including a spreadsheet of telecommunications companies so you can choose one that does not support 5G) at the link below:

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