A lot of the public concern about 5G understandably focuses on the potential effects on human health and whether our health systems would be able to cope with the casualties of this technology.

However, the natural world in which we live and its other inhabitants would likely be impacted at least as badly as we humans, if not worse, if 5G systems are allowed to be deployed.

Space-based 5G systems “an ecological and public health nightmare”

One proposal of particular concern is the lunatic idea of space-based 5G systems. These are the subject of a comprehensive website for the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space which describes space-based 5G systems as a “an ecological and public health nightmare.”

This technology is also the subject of an international appeal that has been signed by more than 3,800 scientists, 2,300 medical doctors and more than 6000 engineers – in addition to many thousands of people from other professions for a total of more than 140,00 people as of an email newsletter received on 21 September 2019.

The appeal document (which is one of the best summaries of the problems with 5G) may be read at this link https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal and signed at this link: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/

Other environmental problems with 5G

Birds are at risk from 5G

Nature is already faring badly with the onslaught of electromagnetic radiation from existing wireless communications systems. This meticulously conducted study correlated declines in bird species with intensification of wireless radiation in a wilderness area in Australia. (In New Zealand, Spark wants to use 600 MHz as part of a rural 5G system which could put wildlife in the areas irradiated by the towers at risk.)

Bees are at risk from 5G

Bees and other important insects are already under stress and may be at additional risk from the introduction of 5G, according to this article in Newsweek.

Trees are at risk from 5G

There are reports coming in from overseas that urban street trees are being chopped down to facilitate the introduction of 5G. This link gives the details: https://5g.org.nz/2018/10/06/like-trees-enjoy-breathing-oxygen-you-should-oppose-5g/

5G would increase energy consumption

Wireless telecommunications connections are inherently less efficient than wired connections. 5G is being hyped as the best way to access the internet. 5G may be fast but it is not an environmentally friendly communications option. Wired options like copper or fibre provide options for safe hardwired internet access and corded landline phones that are better for you as well as better for the environment.

You can learn more about 5G and energy consumption at this link: https://whatis5g.info/energy-consumption/

5G and the IoT would increase toxic e-waste

5G is not just designed to facilitate faster wireless downloads to phones or computers.

The telecommunications industry hopes that 5G will be an important part of the “Internet of Things“. (In fact plans for 5G in New Zealand are so ambitious that it is proposed that 5G could allow one million internet connections per square kilometre in order to facilitate virtually anything you can think of being connected to the internet. That includes many, many things that simply do not need to be on the internet like fridges and toasters…)

What the pundits don’t bother to point out is that when devices connect to the internet wirelessly they produce potentially carcinogenic radiation plus they have to contain the electronic components necessary to communicate with the internet. That means more e-waste at the end of a product’s lifespan and more pollution and toxic waste disposal headaches for Councils. (You can learn about e-waste in relation to 5G at this link: https://whatis5g.info/e-waste)

Want to help stop 5G?

II you care about yourself, your family and friends and the environment we hope that you will join the campaign to keep New Zealand 5G-Free. (5G technology is being tested in NZ but there is still time to stop it.)

Please click on the link below to see steps you can take to help with the campaign: https://5g.org.nz/2019/04/20/what-you-can-do-to-help-keep-new-zealand-5g-free/


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