Website editor’s noteThe text below has been excerpted from the website of Don Maisch, PhD.  Dr. Maisch’s PhD is on standards for electromagnetic radiation in the telecommunications industry.  His site is a useful source of information relating to the science and politics of electromagnetic radiation and health issues.

As reported by the Financial Review, two Chinese telecommunications companies ZTE  and, Huawei, with ties to the Chinese government are now tendering to roll out Telstra’s 5G network in Australia, among other things. Considering that 5G is supposed to be the future communications hub will allow the  Internet of Things , and a future Australian autonomous vehicle network, etc., is it wise to risk giving the Chinese government a “back door” to controlling all this?  China’s aggressive moves in the South China Sea should be sufficient to ban these companies altogether from having any role in building Australia’s infrastructure.

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Website editor’s note: In related stories: Australian Defence chiefs recently stated that they were phasing out phones made by Huawei and DTECNBC recently reported that US intelligence chiefs had warned about using  phones manufactured by Huawei.

In a test of 5G technology by Spark in New Zealand earlier in 2018, the equipment used was reportedly supplied by Huawei.  This link has the details:

Also in New Zealand, 2 Degrees is using Huawei brand equipment for some of its infrastructure for cellular phone and wireless internet .

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