Press release: Statement by 5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND Coalition

For immediate release

Regarding the recent damage to cellular phone towers, the 5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND group wishes to state clearly that we do not encourage or condone actions of violence or vandalism.

5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND aims to provide factual, evidence-based information to the New Zealand public about the health risks related to wireless radiation and 5G in particular. 

Several peaceful protests have already been organised by members of the group, including the National Day of Protest in January 2020 in support of the Global Day of Protest.  These protests and other events were conducted in an orderly manner in centres around New Zealand, including Auckland, Hamilton, Whangarei, Waiheke Island, Gisborne, Wellington, Christchurch, Oamaru, Nelson and Southland among others.

The movement voiced its deep concerns over what it perceives as an “anti-science bias” on the part of the government.

“5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND is concerned that information is being withheld from the New Zealand public by the Ministry of Health and the Telecommunications industry and that some of the information being provided is inaccurate and misleading,” says Michael Vaughan, spokesperson for 5G-Free North Shore.

5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND is concerned that the New Zealand public is not being properly informed about the following facts:

  • 5G is very different from 3G and 4G. It involves beam-forming technology and phased-array antennas. Some of the frequencies involved are substantially higher than those used for 3G and 4G.
  • The higher frequencies involved with 5G have NOT been adequately researched for safety. No assurances about safety can be made without large-scale, quality, peer-reviewed scientific studies and these need to be replicated by several INDEPENDENT scientists.
  • The New Zealand Safety Standards for this type of radiation are hundreds (or even thousands) of times higher than a host of countries, including Italy, Poland, Luxembourg, Russia, Israel, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria and Ukraine among others. These countries have acted on research and lowered Safety Standards (limits) to protect their populations.

Information provided by the Ministry of Health which is inaccurate and misleading includes a statement on their website stating that “existing research applies as much to 5G as to any other radio system in use.”  The great majority of existing research on health effects involves existing 3G, 4G and wi-fi frequencies and therefore CANNOT BE ASSUMED TO APPLY to higher 5G frequencies which have very different characteristics.

The 5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND group will continue to provide information and express concerns to the Ministry of Health, Chief Science Advisor and other government officials.  However, there is considerable frustration that responses tend to be generic replies and do not address specific points raised.

Regarding media coverage, 5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND is concerned that its factual, evidence-based approach is being overshadowed by recent actions of vandalism which are not condoned by the group. 

“5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND considers that media coverage of 5G and health effects has, to date, been largely one-sided, “says Lisa Er of 5G-Free West Auckland. “Many stories include quotes from the Ministry of Health, Telco officials and Telco-friendly ‘experts’, with no ‘right of reply’ given to those of us who have concerns based on substantial research.” Also 5G-Free New Zealand has not been promulgating the myth that 5G causes COVID-19.  However, the possibility that 5G impairs the immune system cannot be ruled out, due to insufficient research on the health effects of 5G.

Going forward, 5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND would like to see

  1. Government officials engaging with us, rather than stone-walling. We have a team which includes doctors, lawyers, psychologists, other health professionals etc. and would welcome the opportunity to sit down for an evidence-based discussion.
  2. Media features on 5G providing ‘balance’ by including members of our group to represent our health concerns.

We wish to state clearly that the main aim of 5G-FREE NEW ZEALAND is to obtain, by peaceful means, a Moratorium on the roll-out of 5G until robust, replicated, independent research has been carried out regarding the health effects of ALL frequencies and the new beam-forming technology. This research should be sufficiently comprehensive to provide assurance that the technology will not cause either short- or long term adverse health effects in babies (including babies in the womb). In addition, effects on animals, insects and the environment should not be disregarded.


Note to media: Contact details for spokespeople are on the version of the press release that has been emailed to our media list. Or please send a message via our contact form and you can be put in touch with one of our spokespesople. Thank you.

Further information:

New Zealand’s 5G information website: www.5G.org.nz

Resources on the website of the Environmental Health Trust:

Physicians for Safe Technology: https://mdsafetech.org/physicians-call-for-safety-with-wireless-technology/ 

Former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg, speaks on safety concerns relating to 5G:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIV39-KOzh0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3EwZq8ZmI5PV9qLG4OZvAcYYsxVeEemc6hSDcbJls1wOsuIb9yU4sVE-g

US telco executives admit that 5G has not been safety tested when questioned by Senator Blumenthal:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsil3VQE5K4&fbclid=IwAR1Fvcbmb9UV1HJn5pHEhHxvWag4AIMrhOUjYZ5dobC3KQmLtDCqy0w87r8