Over the last few days there have been articles in the online version of the NZ Herald reporting that there have been attacks on cellular phone infrastructure in New Zealand, including arson attacks. The articles suggest that people who oppose 5G are responsible for the attacks.  One article includes video footage that appears to show an arson attack on a cellular phone tower in Manurewa, Auckland.

I would like to state for the record that 5G-Free New Zealand has been running a peaceful and lawful campaign on the 5G issue and that we have never encouraged and do not condone attacks on cellular phone infrastructure.

The policy on the 5G-Free New Zealand Facebook page is to hide or delete any comments or posts by any page visitors who appear to encourage or endorse attacks on cellular phone infrastructure and any page visitors who choose to make comments of this nature also have their access to the page blocked.

There are numerous positive ways to help with the 5G-Free NZ campaign such as by joining the boycott of the companies that want to deploy 5G in our communities. (See: https://5g.org.nz/boycott-5g/ )

You may also want to read this link https://5g.org.nz/take-action/ and also take whatever steps that you think are appropriate on the 5G Free NZ Personal Action Plan.  You can find the 5G Free NZ Personal Action Plan here: https://5g.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/5G-Free-New-Zealand-Personal-Action-Plan.pdf

We encourage everyone who supports a 5G-Free New Zealand to continue to work in a positive and lawful way to stop the deployment of this untested technology.

Thank you.

Image courtesy of taesmileland at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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