Contrary to what the telecommunciations industry wants you to believe, most of New Zealand is still 5G-Free and it’s not too late to stop 5G…

For the last couple of years, the telecommunications industry has been endlessly propagandising the people of the world into believing that 5G is, necessary for their lives, and the technological utopia to come.

The industry’s spin is not succeeding. A significant proportion of people now know that thousands of doctors, scientists and engineers have petitioned against the introduction of 5G due to the risks that it poses to human health and the environment. [1] [2]

They don’t want a bar of this unnecessary technology.

For their part the telcos know that honest science is on the side of the people who are working to oppose the introduction of 5G and consequently they are now trying to deploy 5G as fast as possible to try make people believe that their opinions and efforts don’t matter and won’t make any difference.

They want people to believe that 5G is inevitable, and that 5G is going to be inflicted on everyone, everywhere, whether people want it or not.

This new narrative of the inevitability of 5G that is being promulgated by the telcos is false.

The article at the following link, by Claire Edwards chronicles the resistance to 5G that is occurring all around the world – and includes many success stories.

Want to Stop 5G?

Here’s what you can do to help the 5G-Free New Zealand campaign:

1)   Sign the petitions against 5G 

You can find the most important New Zealand petitions and an international petition at this link:

2)   Join the boycott of the companies that are working to deploy 5G in NZ 

These companies are Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees.  You can find information to help you choose an alternative telecommunications company by visiting this link:

3)  Like & follow 5G-Free New Zealand on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, please like and follow the 5G-Free New Zealand Facebook page.  This will help keep you up to date with the 5G situation in NZ – and also provide you with lots of useful information about 5G and other wireless technologies.

4)  Use safe, corded phones and hardwired internet connections

Using a corded phone and connecting your computer to the internet with an ethernet cable helps to reduce your radiation exposure and protect your health. It also helps protect the environment because wireless data transfer is less energy efficient than using a hardwired option – and because choosing copper or fibre-based phones and internet helps to reduce the proliferation of cellular phone towers.  Learn more here: Thank you!

5) Leaflet your neighbourhood with the flyer that you can download below




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