Protests about 5G are being organised all around the world, including in many part of New Zealand for 25 January 2020. Please check the following link where all the known protests (or other events such as picnics!) are being listed: Many of these events are also listed on the following link where you can also find posters to share:

The information below are all the specifics for the protest scheduled for Wellington, supplied by the protest organisers.

Protest in Wellington, Saturday 25 January 2020

Bring a hat and water, and maybe a foldable umbrella, and if you can a bee image (see below) 

Meet time for the walk: 12.30 -12. 45 at Civic Square

Meeting location: A protest has been organised for Wellington from the City (meeting at Civic Square just below the Sea Bridge Step beside the Art Gallery) and walk up Cuba Street to a presentation in Abel Smith St. Please also check out the Facebook event on 5G Wellington Aotearoa. (If you are able to contribute to our swarm of bees theme we are painting, felt tipping and otherwise getting creative to create a swarm of bees which will be stabled/taped onto bamboo poles for some visual messaging, so bring yours along (about A4 size bees).

There will be a Safety Briefing at 12.45.

If there are large numbers then the group will split into two, one of the groups to walk up Cuba Street to a presentation (in Abel Smith street) and one to make their way along the waterfront as far as the harbour fountain giving out materials and finish their awareness action there. Otherwise, we will walk up Cuba Street. 

Leave to walk up Cuba Street at 1 – 00. exiting beside the library. (Note This is the earlier advertised time before change of plan to include a speaker with a slide show needing a building.) We have to exit out of the Civic Centre beside the library because of the blocked off exit straight to Cuba street, (Townhall refurbishment), we will do a loop and move quickly back onto Cuba Street.

Then along Cuba Street almost to the end and turn right onto Abel Smith Street head to the Toi Poneke building (65 Abel Smith street   old Education Board)  For a presentation: 5G Awareness: Is 5G 100% Safe and Backed by Health Studies?  The talk will start immediately when we get there: 1.20-125pm: 1/2 hour talkQ & A short Q & A  Held in Upper Chamber upstairs to far left corner of the building. 

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