Following the peaceful placard protest that was held at Vodafone’s corporate headquarters on Auckland’s North Shore in October, a 5G Free Free Peaceful Placard Protest outside Spark’s offices has been planned for Thursday December 5 2019. All the details you need are below, plus there is the FB event link: here

5G free Peaceful Placard Protest.

WhereSpark NZ
167 Victoria St W,

December 5th
From –  11.30am  – 2pm.

Meet –
 at Victoria Park
It is five minute walk to Spark’s office and the protest will be leaving at 12pm.

Please bring
placards opposing 5G

This is your chance to get creative!

Or…If you would like to use pre-prepared slogans and designs there are some really good ones at this link you could use:

A printable “Boycott 5G” and “Climate Catastrophe” placard design

If you would like to print a placard in advance of the protest you can find two ready-made designs in the PDF at the link below:Climate-Catastrophe-and-Boycott-5G-signs-Corflute-457-x-686mm-

Can you please help with publicity for this protest?

Please share this link via email and Facebook to help so that people who can attend this protest learn about it in time!

Also, below there is a flyer that can be printed for putting up on noticeboards etc. to help publicise this event. It is designed to be cut up so you can reach three people with a single sheet of A4 paper. It should print OK in black and white if you do not have a colour printer.

Thank you for your help!

Info on 5G at

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