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Screening of Generation Zapped – September 15, 2019

Sunday the 15th of September at 7:00pm…a screening of the excellent documentary Generation Zapped at the Suter Gallery Theatre. Refreshments available in foyer from 6:00pm. There will be an EMF/5G questions and discussion session directly following film. Please diary date this event if you are in or near Nelson. Thank you.

5G Public Awareness Meeting – September 29, 2019

A Public Awareness Meeting  focusing on the following topic “5G Impacts on Health, the Nelson Community and Society” will be held on Sunday the 29th of September at The Nelson Centre of Arts (NCMA – formerly The Nelson School of Music). With guest speakers, visual     presentations, questions and discussion to arrive at a thorough understanding and an action plan. Starting at 2:00pm.

Do you want to connect with the 5G Free Nelson team?

if you would like to connect with the 5G Free Nelson team (or find a team that may be closer to where you live) local groups working on the 5G issue are listed on the following link:

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