Website editor’s note: Numerous groups opposing 5G are springing up spontaneously all around New Zealand (and the rest of the world world!). One way to provide a forum in which local people can “meet” online is to use Facebook (FB). While there are potential privacy issues with Facebook, it is nonetheless useful for updating people with news – hence the establishment of the 5G Free New Zealand FB page:

If you are not familiar with FB, the instructions below should help you to set up a FB Group, should you want to do this. NB: As soon as time allows, will be creating a post of the various NZ 5G-related FB Pages or Groups so if you would like to have your Page or Group listed on this website please send an email with the details and a phone number in case of email problems via Thank you.

How To Set Up A ‘Stop 5G’ Facebook Page

You may have been contemplating setting up a Facebook group page to increase people’s awareness of 5G and build a support network within your own region. Here are some ideas for you to use to get it up and running. Firstly, a Facebook group is very easy to set up. It takes only a few minutes, if that.
1. Log in to your Facebook account and click the ‘Create’ option, which is next to ‘Home’ in the tool bar, the press ‘Group’.
2. Type the group name in the Group Name box, for example, STOP 5G IN (your town name) or WE SAY NO TO 5G IN (your town name), or say STOP 5G (your town name), NEW ZEALAND.
3. Add in/ type the names of people you want to invite to your group in the Members box. As you type a name, clickable profile thumbnails appear automatically; click on each person you want to invite. You may wish to add people whom you know are well informed who are not in your region.
4. Click to select your desired privacy settings. An “Open” group’s members and posts are visible to the public, but the group itself is still invite-only. With a “Closed” group, people can see who its members are, but posts and updates are only viewable by group members. In a “Secret” group, the entire page is invisible to anybody except members.
5. Click the blue “Create” button. The new community group is now active, and you can begin uploading photos and writing posts just like you would on a Facebook Page.
6. If you require some special artwork for your page banner and don’t have a program to make your own, please email via this link with your name and phone number and personal FB page address and you will be put in touch with a volunteer who can help with graphics. Thank you.

Website editor’s note:

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