In the USA, Americans for Safe Technology have designated May 15 as a National Day of Action on the 5G issue.

As you can see from the link below, the organisation has prepared an impressive support package to help people who want to organise local events as an expression of their opposition to having 5G technology deployed in their communities.

With only two weeks to go until May 15, there is no time to organise anything as impressive in New Zealand as what Americans for Responsible Technology are doing for the USA.

However, if you support New Zealand remaining 5G Free, please consider doing something on May 15 to help raise awareness of the 5G issue. A list of suggested actions is below:

  1. Write to your MPs (There are ideas to help you do this at this link: )
  2. Leaflet commuters*
  3. Leaflet parents picking up children from school*
  4. Put a sign on your fence or inside your window declaring your home a 5G Free Zone.
  5. Calling into talkback radio on 5G (If you would like to do this, there is information that you may find useful at this link: )
  6. If you need more ideas, please see this link:

NB: If you would like to give out leaflets in a public place, please read the leafleting guide at this link first. There is a variety of leaflets that you can download and print at this link:

UPDATE: If you are on Facebook, please like and follow the new FB page

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