Child Wellness Naturally Hawke’s Bay is very excited to let you know of our next event:

“Raising Healthy Children in the Screen-Age”

Thursday 14 March 2019: 7pm – 8.30pm

The Function Centre, 30 Te Mata Road, Havelock North

The Eventbrite link for this event is:

We are fortunate to have Dr Mary RedmaynePhD, Independent Researcher, Consultant and Educator in Environmental Health (Transmitting Technology), presenting. Dr Redmayne will be providing important information and research to help parents, teachers and health professionals navigate their way through the challenging decisions about children’s use of transmitting devices.

The presentation will address:

Adverse effects associated with screens

Avoiding postural effects and impaired eyesight

Screen addiction – what to look out for and ways to avoid it

How much time on devices is too much?

Why and how to minimise radiofrequency exposure

Mary Redmayne’s PhD research focused on young adolescents’ well-being and their use of cellphones and cordless phones. She enthusiastically advocates educating children, school communities, and health professionals in understanding wireless technology enough to be able to make informed decisions about using it.

She is an established and well-respected member of the bio-electromagnetics community as a researcher, reviewer and author of peer-reviewed papers. She is a scientific advisor to BBE(NZ), ORSAA, and Environmental Health Trust, and a Participating Member of the Standards Australia Committee on Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields.

In 2018, she presented a workshop at the North Island GPs conference, and was a speaker at the Australia and New Zealand Education Law Association conference in Cairns and the EMF and Health conference in Athens (by invitation). Mary’s research link can be found here:

Dr. Redmayne also has a Facebook page that you can like and follow which is

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